Dr Samir Kehdi


  • Sorocaba faculty of Medicine: Catholic Pontificate University, (1975 – 1980).
  • Residence in Plastic Surgery: Civil servants’ Hospital, Municipality of Sao Paulo (1981 – 1984) under the guidance of Professor Dr Willian E P Callia.
  • Specialisation in Plastic Recognised by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons.
  • International Plastic and Reconstrutive Surgery.

Published Papers:

  • Correction of Protruding Ears: a New Technique Using Two Incisions. Souza, A. M, Kehdi, S, Giostri, JES – ARS Curandi, 94-109, July, 1982.
  • Brazilian Symposium on Facial Profiles, 1982.
  • Waggling Ears: Simultaneous Treatment of Conehal Hiterptrofia and moulding of the Antihelix. Review of 28 Cases. Kehdi, S, Letizio, N.A – Annals of the First Southern Brazilian Meeting on Plastic Surgery, March 1984.